Luis Tomlin

Years Playing:

Conquered Mario in 1986

Top 3 favorite types of games:

Role-playing, Action/Adventure, Racing

Least Favorite:

Anime, Games made from movies or from superheroes.

Favorite Platform:


Top 5 games of all time:

Final Fantasy 7 (PS2), Secret of Mana (SNES), Gran Turismo 3 (PS2), Mario RPG (SNES), GTA Vice City (PS2)


I’ve always been a gamer. Ever since I can remember, friends and family have noticed how naturally good I seem to be at most games. I believe this is what leads me to the strong attraction I have towards them. The ability to be able to sit down and conquer virtually any game thrown my direction gives me a sense of accomplishment. I know this sounds nerdy, but it’s really not. I also excelled in many sports growing up. Several high school records in football and track, national championships during summer leagues, and a career as a Personal Trainer are what I do outside of gaming. That’s what makes me a Strength Gamer. It’s the ability to live a busy, regular life outside of my house while still being able to find the time to play and enjoy myself. When it comes to games, I know my sh**. I’ve always been the guy that people will ask about what is coming up, if it’s any good, and whether they should or shouldn’t buy it. One day I decided to just start a website. Now when people ask, I simply say, “Check out the review on my site. Then you’ll know.”. It’s a great feeling to know that the reviews we at are writing are helping others out there truly make the right decision about which games to buy, rent, or throw in the garbage.

What is important to you in a game?

They need to be fun and entertaining. Graphics don’t mean squat. If they did, people wouldn’t still be buying old systems and playing their classic games. Along with that, I need a game to last more than five hours. If I spend sixty bucks on a game, I want it to last me more than a half day. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Fun, entertaining, lasting. Those are the three requirements I have from a videogame.

What’s something that you dislike about the current gaming industry?

The industry? Ah man. I’d have to go with how short games are becoming. I popped in Halo ODST and was done between my shifts at work. That’s pathetic. Same goes for Brutal Legend. What really gets me going is how easy games have become. These up and coming “gamers” as they call themselves think they are so good because they can beat every game out for the new systems. I have news for you… you suck. Try beating Castlevania; Symphony of the Night without a Strategy Guide. Pop in Demon’s Souls and see how far you get (I can almost guarantee you won’t get through the first level without dying at least two times). Metal Gear Solid is another that will rock your socks off. Today’s game is so easy. Next time you feel like bragging about how “good” you are at videogames, play one of the games mentioned above. They will change the way you think about games for the rest of your life.

If you could only play one game for the rest of your life what would it be?

Secret of Mana. There’s something about that game that makes me want to own it in every available avenue. SNES cartridge, the emulator on my phone and computer, Wii Virtual Console, and import. Not only would I play this game for the rest of my life, I already do.

Did you play a game that ever changed your life?

My life, no. The way I viewed videogames as a whole, yes. Final Fantasy 7. Before that, no game had ever drawn me in as strongly. The story between Cloud and Aeris, Tifa and Barrett, Sephiroth and the Shinra Company, combined created an experience unlike any other. The moment I played that game I knew I was in love. From that day forward I have been on a quest to find a game as good as that one.

What do you want readers to know?

I want readers to know that as long as you read our reviews, you will never buy or rent a game that will ever disappoint you. Our reviews aren’t full of random crap to fill up space. They are the feelings we had while playing the game, and the reactions we had after them. Each of our reviewers has different tastes in games. For instance, I am not a fan of games made from superhero characters. So when the new Batman comes out, and I give it a 9/10, chances are that game is actually really good. If the new Madden comes out, and the reviewer that hates Madden rates it a 4/10, chances are it’s because he simply doesn’t like sports games. Take the time to read about our reviewers and get to know them. There will be one or two that you feel are more like yourself. Since our site is going to offer multiple reviews for the same game, you are going to truly get a real review of each game. Stick with us and your gaming life will forever be better. Stay Strong Gamers.