Andy Wilson

Years Playing:

I came out of the womb with a joystick in my hand. I got my SNES when I was 8 sometime in the 90’s.

Top 3 Favorite Types of Games

First Person Shooters, RPG’s and RTS’s.

Least Favorite:

Sports games

Favorite Platform:

Xbox (First system I ever bought on my own!)

Top Five Games of All Time:

Civilization II (PC) Sid Meier’s Pirates (SNES) Metal Gear (NES) Fallout (PC) Call of Duty 2 (Xbox 360)


I’ve always loved playing video games. I used to have to sneak over to my friend’s house to play them as a kid. When I finally broke my mom down, and she bought me my SNES, I didn’t get out of the house for days, and all I had to play was Home Alone II Lost in New York which was in my opinion, the pinnacle of game development. I’ve had my tongue planted firmly in my cheek throughout most of my life, which you think would make your cheek sore, but surprisingly my cheeks feel great.

What is Important to You in a Game?

Is it a cop-out to say everything? If you think “No” then you may move onto to the next section. If you’re one of those people that wouldn’t at least try to get away with saying, “More wishes” to a magical genie asking you for three wishes, then stick around. I’m a huge fan of choice. Morality choices are great, tactical decisions are wonderful. Even if its as simple as an alternate pathway in a FPS give me the option!

What is Something You Dislike About the Video Game Industry?

Fanboys. Ok, let me revise that a little bit. Rabid-Hate-the-Game/System-Without-Even-Playing-It-First Fanboys. I love my classic Star Wars movies, does that mean I have to hate Star Trek movies? Hell no I love William Shatner. I’ve even read his books. Yeah, he wrote some books the man can do anything he wants. I’ve been the victim of fanboyism from all sides, and it drives me up the wall. It’s broken up friendships, marriages and ruined lives. If it continues its rampant run, it may very well threaten American herself.

If You Could Only Pay One Game For the Rest of Your Life What Would it Be?
Captain Novolin. My roommate has diabetes and this my way of helping find a cure. When he’s cured, it means I can start keeping food with over a gram of sugar in the house again.

Did You Ever Play a Game That Changed Your Life?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for Xbox. I loved that game, here I was some happy naïve kid out to save the galaxy that had been destroyed by the nasty mean ol’ Darth Revan. I get two thirds into the game and find out…. [SPOILER ALERT]

I’m Revan!??! What!? Everything I know is a lie! Optimism died that glorious day…

What Do You Want Readers to Know?

That you can’t trust a little force wielding green puppet that speaks in inverted phrases. You can trust my reviews to be honest, as the amount that it would take me to buy me is way out of most publishers budget. (If this ever happens the code phrase will be “the game is wonderful like Jim Bean on the rocks on a snowy Christmas morning.”) I enjoy a good debate, and despite what your grandmother said it won’t make you blind. I’m very approachable so feel free to hit me up via email for anything from marriage proposals to death threats, but preferably somewhere in between the two.

Also, William Shatner is a celestial deity simply walking the Earth blessing us with his divine presence.