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Andy Wilson

We are here to change the face of gaming. No more trenchcoat wearing, showerless loners as the image of what a true “gamer” really is. We all know that this stereotype couldn’t be more false. That’s not what we (gamers) look like. The vast majority of people that play video games are outgoing, sociable, friendly people who have regular jobs, families, and friends. These same people also choose to play video games, and since the term “gamer” has come into popular vocabulary, have had to hide the fact that they play in their spare time in fear of being chastised for their hobby. “What? You play videogames? You don’t look at all like a gamer!”. Like a what? What the crap is a gamer supposed to look like? Just because I don’t sit all day, drinking Mountain Dew and hiding from the sun doesn’t mean that I am not a gamer. Once again, a ridiculous stereotype that we all know isn’t true.

Our goal is to bring you, the reader, the most real reviews possible. Along with that, we offer in-depth Strategy Guides, Videos, Editorials, News, and last but not least a Lifestyle section. Here you will find health and fitness information. We feel that with gaming being such a sedentary hobby, eating healthy is crucial. We have all seen the studies showing that gaming can lead to obesity, and we are here to help change that.

The time for change is now. I have a dream that one day I will be able to walk out my front door wearing a “Strength Gamer” t-shirt and be proud of it. That I will one day walk down the street, head held high with a controller in my hand. That when I meet someone new, and they ask what I do in my spare time, I will confidently look them in the eye and say, “I am a Strength Gamer”. In that same moment, rather than judge me negatively, they will respond with, “I am so jealous. You are a hero my friend. A hero”.

(Okay that last paragraph may be a little over-the-top, but you get my point, right?)

Stay Strong Gamers


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